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Spinning Earth Training was born in response to the growing consciousness to reconnect to the land and re-skilling in sustainable ways of living.

It is becoming more and more apparent within a world of mass production that our unique human qualities are bursting to be expressed. We become bored and frustrated when things are presented to us in a way that is the same as everyone else. One of the ways we express and identify with our unique identity is in the way we present ourselves to each other in the form of what we wear and in the way we set up our homes to say something special about us.

By learning and preserving ancient skills we can create items that are unique to ourselves - items that nobody else has the power to recreate. When you make something directly from nature's resource it has a unique energy, just like every one of us has a unique energy that makes us different. When those two elements of energy join together in a process the result is, by definition, unique and has expressed something very special about the journey you have experienced in it's creation. It goes on to give value in the recounting and displaying of that item to loved ones and friends who get a closer perception of your creative being through the knowledge of your journey.

When involved in a creative process you also gain great benefits as you tap into deep subconscious and dare I say it – primeval energies which help balance and give greater meaning and understanding to the world around us and gives us a connection to it.

From the power of this joined with local collaboration with others on this reclamation and self sufficient journey in other skills, we have the power to slowly change our world in the face of corporate control.

Start your journey from fibre to fabric with Spinning Earth by booking a course today in our Shop.

"Had a fantastic, therapeutic day here on a wool spinning course. It was so informative and really good fun. Della was very knowledgable and passionate. Nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely be back again. Thank you so much.

Just to say thank you very much for yesterday. 
I really enjoyed the day - I learnt a lot - the day exceeded my expectations.  You took a very flexible approach answering queries both as they related directly and indirectly (re other areas eg spinning) whilst managing to stay on track and deliver the course content"
Course participants 2019